When you have no clue where to start as an artist.

Whats up? I'm kyngsolo and I miss spell things and I dont blog, but I have insight artists always come to me asking to learn. Many artists think bc a beat says free or free for profit that its free. I have been asked how do you get paid for songs. Do I need a Publisher? Ill ask do you have a manager and they say yes and I say but you have under 1000 fans. Why do you have a manager or publisher? Trust me I have probably seen and heard it all. So now after about 5 years of questions. I have decided to create this so called blog and maybe help some of you NEW AND OLD artists.


First you need to register ASCAP/BMI/SESAC etc. Your choice on which one. I personally use BMI myself. So get to digging in that research and pick whats best for you. This might help you for starters Now once you do that do you have a way to track your songs? That is one thing you will need weather its, amuse, identifyy, distrokid or any other platform. If you want to look into paying $20 a month or less here is my referral link to distrokid. I would advise using it:

Once you have those things down then we can move to step two. Hope to see you in the future posts.

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